SAY HELLO TO Healthhyy5ive’s Super Manuka Honey. The purest Manuka Honey ever produced.

Healthhyy5ive’s Manuka Honey is straight from the hive,native to Australia and New Zealand. Our special reserve organic Manuka Honey is pure, just as nature intended. Enjoy our Manuka Honey for its health benefits as well as its exceptional flavour. It has unique bioactive properties, making it antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Welcome this natural sweetener to your diet, which is the perfect healthier alternative for sugar.


Our Recipes to Enjoy

Delicious, hearty pancakes that are sure to bee extra sweet with Manuka Honey!


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This crispy-delicious sweet and spicy paneer dish is perfect as a healthy snack!


Our Recipes you might like

Ascend into sweet heaven with this naturally sweetened, freshly baked goodness.


Take a look at our buzzing hive!

Our store in Madhapur, Hyderabad, India.

What our customers are saying

Every spoonful of this delicious honey has me hooked!


This is the best honey I have ever tried Sumptuous goodness in a spoonful. I just tried the Manuka honey from Healthhyy5ive. This is the BEST HONEY I have ever tried and will be getting more

What our customers are saying

There’s no going back to sugar after trying Manuka Honey!


This is really good honey! It tastes heavenly – far richer, earthier, and deeper than anything you’ll find in your grocery store. A great sweetener alternative to refined sugars, with an extra nutritional boost.

What our customers are saying

Healthhyy5ive delivers on every front - in both flavour and quality.

Cheers Amir

The best Manuka brand. Thanks for the quick and regular updates on honey and its health benefits. Great honey, Healthhyy5ive promises and delivers the best quality as always. The only brand I rely on for Manuka Honey.



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