It started with a passion, as all businesses do. The passion to enlighten people about the greener pastures of a healthier lifestyle. A fine appreciation for Manuka honey soon grew to unbridled enthusiasm and determination to own a sustainable business, centering this delicious goodness as a vehicle that heralds health. And thus, Healthhyy5ive was born with a tiny spark and a big dream, looking to better the world, one drop of honey at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring goodness to this world. We aspire to spread the word about the importance of bees in our environment and promote the practice of safe apiculture. Our goal is to develop a sustainable business that stands on the bedrock of values such as purity, authenticity and quality. Through Healthhyy5ive, we are committed to the welfare of the bees and the beings who utilise our products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a community where Manuka honey is widely available for all to use and enjoy through our kiosks and stores. We aim to prove that eating healthy can indeed taste good through our diverse menu.

Founder Of The Hive
Ambassador of the buzz - Zulfi

A simple idea sparked a dream that would change his life. Zulfi, with his extensive background in International Trading, started exporting homegrown grains overseas. This soon turned him to healthier pastures, where his nostalgia for his grandma’s cure-all home remedy made with Manuka Honey made him invested in the production and distribution of this honey. Zulfi & his wife, Marzia set out to launch Healthhyy5ive as a vessel to spread the word about the health benefits of Manuka Honey.


The first buzz of a unique idea

While in the grain and pulse trading business in Australia, Zulfi began to explore a healthier diet, where his reintroduction to Manuka honey and the nostalgia of his grandma concocting medicinal recipes using this honey sparked an idea in him.

Starting Healthhyy5ive

Zulfi first started Healthhyy5ive with the dream to introduce the world to the enticing taste of Manuka honey and its unique health benefits while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Healthhyy5ive boomed as a sustainable business, with Manuka honey as its prime focus.

Creating our diverse, delectable menu

After conquering the Manuka honey market in Australia, Zulfi decided it was time to expand his horizons and turned to creating a cocktail of delicious smoothies and juices, with the added touch of Manuka honey for enhanced flavour.

Expanding to India

Emboldened by the success of Healthhyy5ive in Australia, Zulfi soon set sights on expanding his business to other areas with the idea of introducing Manuka honey to new places and chose India as the landing site for his illustrious project.

Launching Healthhyy5ive’s first store

Amid much fanfare and announcement, Healthhyy5ive launched its first store in Madhapur, Hyderabad. The store, with its un-bee-lievable ambience and punny bee-themed decor, was a roaring success due to its healthy, scrumptious smoothies.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? Well, we’ve got answers. Read through our FAQs for all your buzzing enquiries.

It boosts the body’s immune defences, can help soothe the throat and assist digestive health. It is also believed to maintain our inner balance and is a source of healthy phenolic antioxidants.

People take Manuka honey for a variety of health reasons like:

  • Sore throats and throat infections
  • Intolerance reactions: IBS & Crohn’s disease
  • Stomach, bowel & digestion conditions
  • Joint inflammation
  • Skin conditions / burns

We recommend not giving any honey to children under 18 months – see the Health Benefits section for more information.

Honey doesn't really ‘expire’. So long as it is suitably stored and not exposed to too much heat, then our honey will be good for several years. Some products that are mixtures of Manuka honey and other ingredients may well expire earlier.

For internal purposes, it is generally recommended to take 1-2 teaspoonfuls a day. It is down to your circumstances and how often you take it: more often for an immediate issue, less often if it is not so severe. Usually, it comes down to some self-judgment on how much to take.

Manuka Honey comes from the Manuka Flower, a scarce natural resource found only in New Zealand and other neighbouring regions. It is unique because it contains unique health properties that support digestion, health, and healing. In addition to the unique qualities, the Manuka Flower has a limited crop production (roughly only 2-6 weeks a year) and is incredibly sensitive to seasonal weather conditions. It takes immense skill, planning and resources to harvest Manuka Honey (some hives are accessible only by helicopter), which makes it much more expensive to produce than other types of honey. But only authentic Manuka Honey has the vibrant wellness qualities it does.

Manuka Honey is a popular cold and cough remedy, thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Some people will swear by eating a spoonful of the honey every morning to soothe a sore throat or cough, while others will mix it with ginger and warm water to create a soothing remedial drink.

No. Manuka Honey purchased in a jar is for oral/internal use only.

Our Manuka honey is pure with no preservatives/additives. It is pure, raw and authentic, exactly how nature intended it to be.

Women have consumed Manuka Honey during pregnancy with no reported problems for many years. Always consult a professional as necessary.