What Separates Manuka Honey From Your Regular Honey?

What Separates Manuka Honey From Your Regular Honey?

Shawn Mendes once quoted, “ Manuka honey is magic” and we couldn’t have agreed less. 

Right from the Australian farms to your teaspoon, this nature’s gold is one of the finest honey in the world. The Australian farms grow shrubs that bear white and pink flowers. These flowers are known to be Manuka or Leptospermum scoparium. The sublimity of this flower is a drink of bliss for the honey bees. They carry the nectar to their hive and brew the nutritious Manuka honey for us. 

History has seen through the benefits of honey in our daily life. The 19th century witnessed the proficiency of honey as a natural antibacterial product for healing.

Many households have added Manuka honey jars to their tabletops and first aid kits as well. Manuka honey from South Wales, Australia is proven to effectively control pathogenic bacteria that reduce inflammation and acts as a substantial aid in wound recovery. 

The qualities that separate the raw organic manuka honey from the regular honey are its components, the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory quality. 

Speaking of the anti-bacterial qualities of Manuka honey, the various components combine to form raw honey. 

Components of Manuka honey

Methylglyoxal(MGO) is the major compound existing in the components of Manuka honey. High concentrated dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is present in the nectar of the Manuka flower that yields a high concentration of MGO. The higher the concentration of MGO the stronger the antibacterial qualities of honey.

Honey has been identified for the positive effects that it casts on many skin conditions. To understand the authentic standards of honey, the sample is tested in the laboratory to ensure potency before the packaging.

The verifying authorities have created a scale for rating the authenticity of the honey according to the unique Manuka honey factor(UMF). The UMF is composed of three major compounds MGO,  DHA, and Leptosperin. Manuka honey requires a minimum rating of UMF 10+ to be seen as a seamless medical-grade product. The rating of honey with UMF 10+ is considered medicinal and can be used for healing soar throat. Not only can it acts as an everyday tonic but it can also be used for treating minor wounds.

The 20+ UMF rated honey can be used in treatments of leg ulcers and other bad infections. 

Organic Manuka honey 

Since Manuka honey is clubbed with wonderful properties, it is essential to understand its authenticity. Its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties have been categorized as probiotics. Eating a teaspoon of Manuka honey is good for both health and skin. Australian farms running along the East coast, Island Bay, and Bribie Island yield 86 species of honeybee from which 12 species are active participants in extracting honey. The bees feed off the manuka flower and take back nectar to their hives. Each hive is a rabble of 30,000 to 40,000 bees. 

The purity of honey is visible from the fact that it has been directly extracted from the honeycomb. It is unfiltered and is left unheated. A preconceived notion that comes along with the extracting of honey is that raw honey is unhygienic. Raw honey is an amalgamation of nutrients and vitamins as compared to any other regular honey. 

The fact that Manuka honey has stronger antibacterial and antiseptic properties compared to any other regular honey has made it quite popular. The unprocessed form of honey has led to the increased customer demand.  Even though Manuka honey is expensive, people prefer buying nature’s gold to try remedies, and it is an active ingredient in medicines.

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Fulfilling the Healing purpose

Manuka honey is often used in pharmaceutical products as it has efficiently affected the healing of minor burn wounds. It also provides an effective treatment for skin care including eczema and dermatitis. Ointments have extracts of Manuka honey which effectively helps in healing various skin diseases.

A sore throat can be treated with a glass full of hot water and a teaspoon of honey. It is good for your digestive health as well.

Apart from skincare, Manuka honey is also quite visible in the ingredients of shampoos and conditioners

The Final thoughts 

Healthy 5 produces the highest quality of authentic honey.  The honey holds the exact levels of MGO. It is beneficial for both internal external use. The honey extracted by our honey bees cures minor skin wounds, burns, sore throats, and digestion. Honey grades at MGO 300+ are used for curing minor wounds, whereas honey graded above 500 can be used for maintaining an efficient digestive system. MGO grades above 800 can be used for treating gastric ulcers and resolving another health issue.

From the Australian meadows to the beehive, the jar of Manuka honey is organic, authentic and the rawest form of honey extracted directly from the honeycombs. It is a delight for both eyes and soul. 

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