About us

Based out of the land producing authentic Australian Manuka, we ensure that the quality of the honey is instilled in every step of the process. Every day, each drop is treated with the utmost care, ensuring all the elements gifted by nature are kept intact.

Our focus lies in providing world-class manuka honey to people, educating them on general health and wellbeing whilst maintaining the master franchisee and distributing the Aussie goodness to the world.

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We aim at always ensuring the quality, purity, and pollen count of Manuka Honey exactly as they were, the day they left our hives to your home.

Our Mission
Our mission to bring goodness to the world. This is the one place you’ll find it amongst our Manuka honey, tips, recipes, honey facts, blogs and more.

From educating our visitors about the vital role bees play in our world, to maintaining sustainable business Practise, we are committed to the welfare of the bee and the beings.

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Our Vision
With the most valuable honey in the world, we thrive on educating and helping our franchisees in establishing profitable and successful local businesses from the Aussie goodness.

Our vision is to build a community wherein the Manuka premium honey will be available to all, through our kiosks/ store location.

Our Story

From the beginning

It all started with a desire. Zulfi always wanted to do business in the field of food and beverage. With his decade long extensive experience and knowledge with raw grains backed with an academic degree in International Trade, he started trading by exporting Australian grain and pulses to merchants overseas. He then learnt what best usage can be achieved from homegrown raw products and tried new blends.
He turned these healthy habits into a passion and has been an avid healthy consumer of fresh food like Manuka honey where most people are not even aware of it. Zulfi has always used Manuka honey by his grandma’s home remedy choice, which cures cold, flu and hay fever.
Using his passion, deep appreciation of beekeeping and of the health-boosting qualities of honey, he created it as a business idea. Zulfi decided to spread the knowledge and benefits of Manuka honey through his franchise business, where his wife and children had been the biggest supporters for his idea and passion.
His long-term goal is to let the world know through his business idea, the benefits of Australian Manuka honey. He is also focused on exploring the importance of keeping the immune system strong when it comes to any flu season. Zulfi also wants to do something tangible for the effects of global warming on the weather that can affect an individual’s immune system in the longer run.
Founder of the hive

Ambassador of buzz - Zulfi

The passion and joy of beekeeping have inspired the Manuka enthusiast in building up the Honey Buzz. Meeting and learning from passionate beekeepers who were hopelessly in love with their craft, Zulfi has developed the brand. His wife and kids were the biggest support throughout pursuing his dream of spreading Australian Manuka honey worldwide. Ever since he has been connecting people to Australian nature and good health.
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It supports the body’s immune defences, can help soothe the throat and assist digestive health. It is also believed that it helps our inner balance and is a source of healthy phenolic antioxidants.
  • Sore throats and throat infections
  • Intolerance reactions: IBS & Crohn’s disease
  • Stomach, bowel & digestion conditions
  • Joint inflammation
  • Skin conditions / burns

We do not recommend that any honey is given to children under the age of 18 months – See the Health Benefits section for more information.

Honey doesn’t really ‘expire’. As long as it is stored properly and not exposed to too much heat, then our honey will be good for several years. Some products that are mixtures of Manuka honey and other ingredients may well expire earlier.

For internal purposes, it is generally recommended to take 1-2 teaspoonfuls a day. It is down to your circumstances how often you take it: more often for an immediate issue, less often if it is not so severe. It often comes down to some self-judgment on how much to take.

Manuka Honey comes from the Manuka Flower, a scarce and natural resource found only in New Zealand and regions near it. It is unique because it contains special health properties used to support digestion, health, and healing. In addition to the unique qualities, the Manuka Flower has a limited crop production (roughly only 2-6 weeks a year) and is incredibly sensitive to seasonal weather conditions. It takes immense skill, planning and resources to harvest Manuka Honey (we told you some hives are only accessible by helicopter), which makes it much more expensive to produce than other types of honey – but only real Manuka Honey has the vibrant, wellness qualities it does.

Thanks to its unique anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, Manuka Honey is a popular cold and cough remedy. Some people will swear by eating a spoonful of it every morning to soothe a sore throat or cough, while others will mix it with ginger and warm water to create a soothing remedial drink.

No. Manuka Honey that is purchased in a jar is for oral/internal use only.

Our Manuka honey is pure with no additives.

For many years, women have consumed Manuka Honey during pregnancy with no reported problems. Always consult a professional as necessary.